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The Best Internet And Phone Solutions For Your Small Business

No matter the size of your business, we offer the best internet and phone service with reliable connectivity to keep your business prepare for the future.

Enterprise Cyber Security Consulting Services

With our cyber security and cloud solutions, we can help you with the vulnerability risk in your business. We establish a security program that meets your needs.

At iLink Technologies, We offer the best solutions in voice, data, internet, cloud, managed IT, and cyber security.

Our team of experts will find the best providers and offer you a cost-effective option, that will suit your company’s needs, keeping your business communicated,  improving productivity, and driving sucess.

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Business Phone

Cable TV



Cyber Security

Cloud Solution

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Contact Us and Get a Free Quote

We offer a personalized consulting service to give you the best strategy for your business.

Fiber Optic Internet Network For Business

Fiber internet is better for delivering faster internet speeds, lower latency, and overall better performance and reliability. We use symmetric internet connections. That means you get equally fast upload and download speeds.

Using a fiber-optic network in your business is faster, more reliable, and affordable, fiber internet is the best solution for small and medium businesses. 

Our service guarantees efficiency and optimization to support network-dependent activities such as negotiations and online transactions in the united states.

Starting From 1 GB

Best Fixed Wireless Internet for Business

We offer America’s largest and fastest 5G network, our wireless internet plans offer reliability and flexibility without annual contracts. 

This service was designed for small and medium-sized businesses needed to run kiosks, digital signage, point of sale, or employee internet on a separate network.

Help your employees be more productive during their working hours with the best wireless internet connection starting from $45

No Annual Contract 

Power Your Business With Satellite Internet

If you run a farm, home business, retail store, restaurant, office, warehouse, or other type of business you need high-speed internet, we provide nationwide broadband with speeds up to 100 Mbps that keeps up your business connected all day.

Satellite internet is the best option for your business in remote places with poor or no service, it allows you to use video conferencing and cloud-based applications.

Our plans include unlimited data, with no hard data limits and you can easily connect all your devices with the powerful WiFi

Unlimited data

Let's Talk About Our Best Security Solutions For Your Business!

Keep an eye on employees, products, inventory, and intruders with outdoor and indoor cameras, you can monitor your business no matter where you are.

Monitor your customer’s activity and potential product loss, get 24/7 monitoring with a mobile device, control your business security, lock and unlock doors and more.

For An Unstoppable Life, You Need An Unstoppable Device

Get the best business unlimited plans for $30/mo and enjoy 5G with the latest smartphones. Give your employees the tools to work virtually and anywhere staying productive all day. 

Whatever your business goals, we have innovative tools that help you work faster and smarter, stay connected with our amazing mobile plans designed for your work, call, collaborate, and connect on the go. 

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Why Choose Us?

We offer specialized advice to help you meet the needs of your company.

We have help thousands of businesses solve their connectivity problems.

We offer you the best 24/7 security for your employees, assets, and information.

We have high-tech equipment to facilitate communication with your work team.


I was able to get the internet and phone service for my restaurant with the perfect plan for my needs.

Pedro Lopez

iLink helped me grow my business with the best communication solutions and personalized advice.

Ana Perez

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